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Here is a list of climbs that rank among the world’s top destinations when it comes to natural beauty and a challenge worthy of the best climbers out there.

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1. Nameless Tower, Pakistan – Over 20,000 feet high, this awe-inspiring granite spire has eight separate hiking trails all leading to its summit.
2. Cerro Torre, Argentina – With a summit of over 10,000 feet tall, this steep granite peak is a real challenge, especially due to its often extreme weather conditions.
3. Saint Matterhorn, Switzerland – As one of the highest peaks in the Swiss Alps, this mountain offers stupendous views and a very challenging ascent.
4. Torres del Paine, Chile – The three summits of this impressive mountain range stand at around 8,000 feet and offer expansive views of the many nearby valleys and peaks.
5. Bugaboo Spire, Canada – At over 10,000 feet, this is one of the most technically challenging climbs in North America. – Free maps, routes and trailz online.

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