Countryside Walks: When Is the Best Time of Year?

Getting out and exploring the wilderness on foot gives us plenty of chances to see some of the best that Mother Nature can offer. As the seasons shift though, there are certain times when planning outdoor walks can be more convenient than others.

Summer is the most popular time to head out on foot as the weather is warmer. Some regions of the globe can become sweltering though, so remember to take plenty of water with you to keep hydrated.

Autumn walks can be very colourful, littering the countryside with yellows, oranges and browns amongst the typical green hues. Of course, the temperature is dropping here so it will be necessary to dress warm.

Winter can also be a great time to go hiking as snow can transform a landscape, turning it into a white, icy wonderland ready to be explored. Just remember to dress right and be aware of the dangers found in these icier conditions.

Finally, spring walks also have their good points as the flora comes back to life after the colder months. It is natural for this season to have a higher rainfall though, so pack a raincoat so that you stay dry while outside.

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