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Where are the best cycle routes?  Want to be able to plan a cycle ride to suit the skill and By Bike - mountain bikingstamina level of everyone in your group? is your personal cycle route planner!

TrailZilla is a state-of-the-art free online route planning and route sharing website providing a hub for you to find the best cycle routes in the UK and worldwide.

•  Create your own rides and trails, save and share them with your friends.

•  Create a library of your favourite routes and trails to print or download to a PC, GPS, iPhone, or Smartphone.

•  View a wide variety of trails on free maps or topographical maps (such as Ordnance Survey and IGN) to make it easy to plan your cycle ride or cycling holiday.  Routes are colour coded by difficulty rating, letting you find trails that suit your skill level.

Ready for the best cycling excursion of your life? Try TrailZilla for Free today. Enjoy your ride!

Joining an Online Outdoor Community

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If you are a fan of exploring the wilderness, whether on foot, bike or any other means, you will definitely benefit from joining a web-based community of those who share a similar passion. This is for several reasons, all of which will provide you with a better way to get out there and enjoy Mother Nature at her best.

These communities can give you access to a wider range of trails so that you can really get out there and explore every inch of your favourite parks and reserves. Whether you enjoy hiking, cycling, canyoning or kayaking, these online websites will connect you with people who can advise you on where to go next.

You will also be able to get some great tips and techniques from other community members as to how to traverse the wilderness safely and more efficiently. The great outdoors is spectacular, but it can also be dangerous and you should take every precaution so that you remain safe and sound while you take in your countryside surroundings.