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Mountain biking in the UK: Five things to take with you

Last modified on 2011-07-29 17:40:29 GMT. 0 comments. Top.

If you’re planning a mountain biking route in the UK you need to make sure you’re well-prepared for any eventuality. But of course, you don’t want to take the kitchen sink with you. So we’ve rounded up the five most important things to take with you on your ride (apart from your bike that is!).

Mountain biking in the UK: Five most important things

Puncture repair kit

Any hardened cyclist doesn’t need to be told this, but going on a long mountain bike ride without a puncture repair kit is just asking for trouble.

Spare inner tube

This one is pretty closely related to the above. Don’t underestimate the sheer hostility of the UK terrain toward your mountain bike’s poor old tires.


That puncture repair kit won’t be much good if you don’t have a pump to put the air back into your tires.

Allen key/bike tool

There’s plenty of multipurpose bike folding tools you can buy that roll allen keys, screw drivers, and wrenches all into one. Very useful, and compact enough to stick in your pocket.

Water proof clothing

If you’re thinking about mountain biking in the UK then you’ll probably want to take some waterproof clothing with you just in case. The best option is a proper lightweight waterproof cycling jacket.