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Get a Tax Free Bike by Cycling to Work

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Cycling to work is popular and now also a very tax efficient activity and coupled with the help of a Trailzilla cycling to work route planner;   you’re good to go.

If more of us cycled to work it would cut rush hour congestion, and result in a healthier, fitter workforce with the all associated benefits of increased productivity and reduced absenteeism that entails.
Nearly a quarter of all car trips are made by people getting to and from work and we know that many of these are relatively short journeys of less than five miles, that could easily be cycled. Providing on site bike maintenance and cycling incentives and rewards, along with sending out clear signals from the top that cycling to and from the office is a good thing, can all help make cycling a realistic, alternative option for travelling to work.
This is an opportunity for employers, for a relatively low cost investment, to reap massive returns for their organisation and their communities: reduced congestion – means faster journey times, reduced carbon emissions – better air quality, and a healthier, fitter workforce.
Those who do choose to cycle to work, will find it is an economical way to get healthier and enjoy a better quality of life.

The Cycle to Work Scheme is part of the Government’s Green Transport Plan Initiative that allows people to get bikes tax free through their employers. The bikes and safety equipment are then hired to the employees on a suggested “salary sacrifice” system where a small figure gets taken monthly. The savings are made up from exemption from Income Tax, National Insurance Tax and VAT if the employer claims it back. It’s not uncommon for the savings to add up to around 40-50%. Not bad really.
At the end of the hire period – normally 12 months – the bikes can then be sold on by the employers to the employees for a “fair market price”. The employer can get money back, and the employee gets a cheap(er) bike!
Once you have your cheap bike you can take advantage of the Trailzilla cycling guides or cylcing to work route planners. Trailzilla offers FREE MAPS for cyclcing to work and the option to download routes to your IPhone , iPad , Android smartphone, Mac , PC or GPS

Taken all in all, with a cheap bike, free maps and doing your bit to “green” the planet; it’s not a bad day’s (cycle to) work.

GPS Gadgets for Road Cycling

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When out and about on those longer bicycle treks, you will need the assistance of a trusty GPS system to help you reach your destination, keep track of where you have ridden and assist you if you get lost. Here are a few features that you should look out for when purchasing one of these handy electronic devices:

Tough construction: Even on the easiest cycling route trails, there is a chance that you will have an accident or fall off your bike. A gadget that can withstand the impact will save you on repairs later on.

Waterproof casing: If you are caught outside in a heavy downpour, you will want to ensure that your GPS device is undamaged. Remember that there is a difference between waterproof and water-resistant too.

User-Friendly Screen: A large, bright screen will enable you to keep an eye on the map without putting you in any danger of crashing into anything ahead. Opt for a display that is clear and that can be seen in the daytime and at night.